Importance of a Drug-Free Workplace

Over the years, drug and alcohol use among employees has become a nation-wide issue. The value of companies decreases, due to an unstable environment. We are here to implement the structure of a drug-free workplace through screenings. National Testing Services is here to help companies/employers maintain the value of their business, as well as the health of the employee(s). 

Drug-Free Workplace Implementation

National Testing Services implements the importance of a drug-free workplace by conducting seminars, sharing information via social media, and organizing testing through employers. Our company makes sure that the employees understand and receive the knowledge of how to create and maintain a healthy workplace environment. This program provides the necessary learning tools for employers to implement the importance of a drug-free workplace.


NTS is apart of a coast-to-coast network of clinics. We can provide any employer with a consistent and accessible website. Our automated system incorporates:

  • online event scheduling
  • donor tracking
  • test status
  • random test scheduling
  • compliance reports

The NTS way!!!

NTS strives daily to provide you with the most accurate and rapid results. Our services include more than just testing. We are building relationships with potential companies that will help our clients get their lives back on track. Testing and knowing is only the first step to recovery. We want our clients to know that our services are here to help individuals, family, and companies to maintain a safe and healthy, life and environment!